Thursday, March 1, 2018


My blog has been down for repairs for a while.  You could scroll through the posts, but the photos were missing.  It's mostly mended now; I only have a half a dozen posts left.  I have been fixing it gradually and hope to have it completely up and running within a week or two.

Friday, January 6, 2017

With Reckless Abandon

        I’ve been watching “Law of the Plainsman” over the last couple weeks.  And I have to say, of all the good things about the series, my favorite thing is the relationship between Sam Buckheart and his ward, Tess.  Sam absolutely adores the little girl, and as for Tess herself, well…
        Have you ever seen a little child who thinks the sun rises and sets in this one person?  A child who places blind faith in someone, believing they will always be there to love and protect them?  A child who, when that person appears, the little one runs joyously into their arms….with reckless abandon?

       It’s the sort of thing that, once you’ve seen it, is kind of hard to forget.  It gives you a funny feeling and a lump in your throat that you can’t shake.  It strikes a deep chord and sometimes even triggers a passionate longing that you don’t fully understand.  You envy the child their love and their faith, and especially their joy.
       You see, we're made for something much greater than anything we can experience on this earth.  There is Someone who loves us far more than any earthly father could ever love his child.  Someone who is actually worthy of unquestioning trust and adoring love.  A Savior who upholds the entire universe by the word of His power, and yet gently loves and guides His children.
       As a human being you have certain longings in your heart and soul.  Longings and desires that you can’t necessarily explain, but you know they create an empty hole in your soul.  One that you haven’t been able to fill with anything finite.  That’s because the hole in our hearts wasn’t meant to be filled with anything this earth offers.  It can only be filled with the wonderful, matchless Savior.
      We were created to be like Tess.  We were meant to go running to our Savior with a joyous heart and a childlike faith.  We were made to fill our eyes and souls with the glory of our King.  We are called to trust and follow Him in this life, while waiting patiently for what comes next.
      What comes next?  What comes next is the fulfillment of every desire and longing I have ever had.  When I leave this world and enter the next, it will not be the end.  It will be the beginning.  For the first time in my existence, I will be completely whole.  This won’t happen when I fall in love.  Not when I get married or find that perfect job or fill my home with children.  Not when I have everything I want.  No.  That moment will come when I reach heaven and run into the open arms of my loving Savior….with reckless abandon.